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If only Life were so simple that a Simple Will could convey your wishes upon your death! No Frills Will Packages and Simple Guides to Wills and Estate Planning often claim to save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees. But your true intentions may be frustrated if you alone are left to judge whether your estate is too complex to fit into a template!

Bear in mind that a Simple Will does not deal with life insurance proceeds or superannuation where there are binding death benefit nominations.

Are you sure you legally “own” the assets you wish to bequeath? Often assets are actually owned by other entities, like trusts or companies. Our legal team will ensure that your Will is drafted so your interest in property passes to your intended beneficiaries.

We can minimise the tax implications of your bequest so your beneficiaries get the full benefit of their inheritance, not the Tax Office. Sometimes as much as 50% of income can be lost in income tax when beneficiaries inherit in their own name.

Are you thinking about leaving someone out of your Will? It is important to obtain legal advice about your obligation to provide for your children upon your death, including those of former marriages, otherwise you may expose your intended beneficiaries to costly litigation when your Will is challenged under Family Provision legislation.

We can draft your Will to protect your assets if you fear a marriage breakdown may leave your intended beneficiary open to a claim by a former partner. We can help protect your assets should you wish to make provision for a loved one whom you fear has had difficulty handling money in the past, may even gamble or suffer from an addiction.

Estate planning is as complex as Life. Our professional team at Bell Lawyers will discuss your concerns in confidence, provide simple explanations of the Law, and give you the peace of mind of knowing your wishes will be carried out upon your death.

We deal with:

  • Wills and probate
  • Famly provisions claims
  • Estate tax planning.

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