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Bell Lawyers Compensation Lawyers in Western Sydney.

Bell Lawyers are expert compensation lawyers in Sydney who are located in Penrith in the Western Region of Sydney and service the areas of Penrith, Wollongong, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Richmond, Windsor, Lithgow and the Blue Mountains.

Our Law Society accredited specialist solicitors will get you the best results possible if you are seeking compensation for an injury sustained from a slip and fall on private or public property or through someone else’s negligence or for workers compensation.

Bell Lawyers will be there to help and support you through this most distressing time and can provide expert advice on medical negligence, professional negligence, public liability, product liability and motor vehicle accident claims.

Their expertise extends to claims by victims of child abuse or sexual assault and they can represent you if you have been defamed.

If you have suffered an injury, the law gives you a limited period within which to make a claim so the sooner you consult with experts like the solicitors at Bell Lawyers, the better!

It is extremely important that your lawyer has the best opportunity to gather evidence on your behalf so any delay may prejudice your ability to prove your case.

Actually knowing the correct information to supply and how to document it can be a very daunting task best left to the experts. Whether or not you decide to run your case, you must find out as soon as possible what is involved in discharging the onus of proof.

Most people are concerned about the cost of litigation. Bell Lawyers offer you the surety of a “No Win, No Fee” guarantee.

[No Win No Fee does not apply to Workers Compensation matters.  There is no entitlement to charge clients legal fees or disbursements in Workers Compensation matters as these are paid (where a grant is made) by WIRO (Workers Compensation Independent Review Office) through ILARS service (Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service)].

People often put off claiming accident insurance/compensation because they are afraid of going to court but in 90% of cases, workers compensation claims are actually settled out of court!

Some people fear their employer will treat them differently once they go back to work or do not wish to be a financial burden on their employers if they work for a small company.

What you have to remember is that the insurance company pays the compensation not the individual employer.

While it is illegal for any employer to treat an employee with contempt in these circumstances, this is less likely to happen further compounding your stress and grief if you let your lawyer handle your case.

If you have any type of claim involving injury from workers compensation and accident insurance, Bell Lawyers professional team will help take the pain away from claiming. You can call us on 1300 765 424 or contact us via this website.

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Bell Lawyers Compensation Lawyers Western Sydney.