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Paul Blunt


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You cannot teach experience.

Paul has the necessary experience to help with any criminal proceedings.

Purusing a career in the Criminal Law, Paul joined the NSW Police Force and was trained as a Police Prosecutor.  In his almost 12 years as a Police Prosecutor, he received training not only in aspects of the Criminal Law, but also Court Procedure and importantly, Police Procedure.

In 2001, Paul joined Bell Lawyers as a Criminal Lawyer, honing his skills learnt as a Police Prosecutor to become an effective Crimninal Law Defence Solicitor.  Since joining Bell Lawyers, Paul obtained his accreditation as an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and is currently a Partner at Bell Lawyers.

With Paul’s experience and knowledge of the Criminal Law, Court Procedure and Police Procedure, he is qualified to assist you with any criminal offence.

Examples of the assistance Paul has provided to his clients are:

  • Exposed the lies of a witness for a client charged with Murder, resulting in the acquittal of the client.
  • Successfully arguing evidence was illegally obtained, resulting in the dismissal of a charge of Dangerous Driving Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm.
  • Appearing in the Court of Criminal Appeal to successfuly argue against the severity of the sentence, resulting in the reduction of the sentence originally imposed.
  • Defending a client concerning an Application for an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order and obtaining a costs order against the Applicant.
  • Obtain bail for a client who was charged with Conspiracy to Murder and successfully defending this charge.
  • Arguing and obtaining an Order for Parole for a client where the Parole Board denied a release on Parole.

A note from Paul… “having grown up in our community and with a young family, I made the conscious decision to work for a strong, local Law firm.  Bell Lawyers was that firm.  In my time, I have assisted many clients, not only in our community, but all over New South Wales.  I am proof you do not have to go to a city Law firm to find an experienced Criminal Lawyer.”

If you are looking for an experienced, specialist Criminal Lawyer who understands the difficulties you are experiencing, please call Paul Blunt of Bell Lawyers on – 4734 9333.