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Kevin Zoutendijk


Phone: 4734 9333
Fax: 4734 9300


Kevin was admitted as a Solicitor in April 2003.

When he first started as a Solicitor Kevin was employed by a local firm practicing in the areas of Criminal and Family Law.  Between 2011 and 2015 Kevin work at a large suburban firm in South Western Sydney in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law.  Kevin Joined the Bell’s team in June 2015 where he continues to practice in the areas of Criminal Law and Family Law.  He has a keen interest in both areas of Law.  Kevin has appeared over a long period of time in a variety of jurisdictions including the Local, District and Supreme Courts as well as the Family Court and the Federal Magistrates Court.  He is equally comfortable in either the Criminal or Family Law jurisdiction.

Kevin can assist in the following areas of Family Law:-

  • Advising clients in relation to all areas of Family Law.
  • Negotiating and preparing Family Law Agreements including Consent Orders and Financial Agreements.
  • Drafting Applications, Affidavits and other documents for use in Family Law proceedings.
  • Appearing in the Family Court, Federal Circuit Court and Local Court in Family Law matters.
  • Acting in interim hearings in the Family Court, Federal Circuit Court and Local Court in parenting and property matters.
  • Appearing and negotiating on behalf of clients in Conciliation Conferences.
  • Acting on behalf of and advising clients during the course of mediations in parenting and property matters.
  • Instructing in final hearings in parenting and property matters.
  • Running hearings including parenting and spousal maintenance matters.

Kevin can assist in the following areas of Criminal Law:-

  • Appearing in Local Court pleas in relation to driving, domestic violence, dishonesty and other common matters in the Local Court.
  • Appearing in defended hearings in the Local Court.
  • Appearing in Commonwealth DPP prosecutions including successfully defending Centrelink offences.
  • Appearing in RMS appeals including licence appeals and appeals related to the medical cancellation of drivers licences.
  • Appearing for defence in private prosecutions through the RMS, RSPCA and Local Councils.
  • Appearing in Section 32 and Section 20QB Applications under the Mental Health provisions.
  • Appearing in and instucting Counsel in District Court sentence matters.
  • Instructing in District Court trial matters.
  • Appearing in severity and conviction appeals in the Distict Court.
  • Instructing Counsel in Crown appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.
  • Appearing in sentencing proceedings in the Industrial Court.
  • Negotiating pleas, facts and other matters in a variety of matters with the Police, Commonwealth and State DPPs and other private prosecutors.
  • Appearing in parole revocation applications in the NSW Parole Authority.

Kevin would be more than happy to assist you with your legal issue so please call Kevin on 4734 9333.