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Case Study - Slip and Fall whilst pregnant

Robyn was a thirty year old nursing sister who slipped at work at three months gestation.  Our client suffered profound gynaecological and consequential psychiatric problems. 

The fall resulted in the very premature birth of our client’s daughter, who herself suffered very significant complications as a consequence of the medications our client was required to take during the pregnancy to control bleeding.

The psychiatric complications of the injury made it almost impossible for our client to communicate particularly in a Court environment. 

At the trial, an Application was made to have the plaintiff’s evidence in chief given by way of Affidavit. 

The Application was successful;  the Affidavit having been prepared over many hours of time with our client in extracting and compiling the necessary information.

The case involved many complex issues in relation to liability, non-economic loss, economic loss and care claims.  The matter ultimately resolved after two weeks of highly contested hearing time for a significant settlement figure.

The case not only required the technical skills of preparing and running a very complex claim but clear communication skills to relate to and obtain instructions from a client with a significant disability.

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