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Case Study - Orthopaedic Injury and Depression

David suffered a significant orthopaedic injury.  Over time, he developed a severe case of major depression. 

His life became chaotic, evidenced by the estrangement of David from his parents who had been supportive for many years. 

They were not able to continue the level of support because of their own ill health and the impact of David’s behaviours. 

David was often homeless and was subject to home invasions. 

Our firm provided financial support for David during periods when he did not have enough money to live on. 

We provided staff to travel thirty minutes from our office to David’s address at a caravan park to collect him to take him to necessary medical appointments. 

With David’s consent, we continually kept his parents abreast of the developments in the litigation notwithstanding, due to emotional barriers, they were not able to see their son.

A tutor was appointed to act for David. 

The matter was recently listed for a ten day trial in the District Court however, a settlement conference was convened one month before trial (the fourth settlement conference during the history of the claim) and the matter was successfully resolved subject to the Court’s approval.  

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