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Case Study - Motorcycle Accident

The firm acted for Stephen, a thirty-four year old motorcycle rider who sustained significant orthopaedic injuries including a right below the knee amputation when his motorcycle collided with a truck in the Penrith region.

The accident gave rise to a major dispute as to liability and contributory negligence on the basis of our client’s alleged speed in the conditions and the general circumstances of the collision.

Our client, at the time of the accident, owned an excavation company and operated a number of earthmoving machines under contract. 

He was also a very active person prior to the collision and required a number of alternative prostheses to enable him to work in his pre-injury capacity and involved himself in water-sports and other impact sports.

We were able to assist by writing successful submissions to the insurer to pay for a number of alternative prostheses. 

The issues of liability and contributory negligence were resolved favourably for our client.

The matter ultimately resolved before hearing, very favourably for our client, after we were able to successfully calculate and articulate a complex future economic loss claim involving our client’s company.

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