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Case Study - Amputee & Brain Injury following a MVA

Peter was aged twenty-three years when he was catapulted through the front window of a motor vehicle after impacting with a telegraph pole causing an amputation of the left leg, multiple fractures and brain injury. 

Peter was off work for at least fifteen months and has been able to return to work two days per week.

His pre-accident housing accommodation was grossly unsuitable to a young man who is now an amputee. 

A submission was made to the insurer supported by appropriate medico-legal assessment from an occupational therapist, to provide an advance payment of $200,000.00. 

The purpose of the advance payment was to obtain suitable housing for Peter and his family. 

Despite the introduction of a defence of contributory negligence, we were successful on behalf of Peter in obtaining the advance payment. 

Further submissions were made to help Peter in obtaining finance for sufficient funds to purchase suitable accommodation.  

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