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02 4734 9333
Level 1, 9 Tindale Street Penrith NSW 2750

Leanne West


Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Phone: 4734 9333
Fax: 4734 9330



Leanne has worked in Penrith for over 23 years and continues to live and raise her family in the area.

Leanne's role at Bell Lawyers is the firm's Receptionist and Administrative Support Assistant and is also Bell's Event Planner.

As the first point of contact when visiting Bell Lawyers, you will discover Leanne is very professional, compassionate and understanding towards the firm's clients as she acknowledges many are experiencing difficult times in their lives.  Many clients have commented to our Management team they look forward to seeing Leanne and her greeting them on their visits to our office.

In Leanne's words... "I feel most rewarded when I can meet and greet clients and ease any anxiety and uncertainty they may be feeling - I believe in old fashioned values and appreciate excellent service in my every day life and I make it my goal to do the same for our clients".

Leanne believes her vision is also shared by her colleagues which in turn creates a focused work environment.